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Wilson company history

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  • The season is almost here
  • Build it and they will Come!
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  • Wilson company history
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The Wilson Football Museum Organization was founded in 2006 as a non-profit and tax-exempt charitable organization, and operates according to our Constitution and Bylaws. Our Advisory Board, Trustees, Factory Management and workers are dedicated to our stated mission of collecting, preserving, and displaying the unique History, Evolution, and Legacy of the American made Wilson football. Our mission is to be a historical and educational program that preserves and displays the Wilson football manufacturing processes as well as honoring the game of football and how the game of football has impacted American Society. You are invited to join our team and contribute to our museum project.

The Wilson Football Museum Organization


Board of Directors 
President ~ Joseph F. Allen 
Vice President/Plant Manager ~ Daniel D. Riegle 
Trustee ~ Exec. Secretary Chris Burns-DiBiasio
Treasurer ~ Richard A. Price 
Trustee ~ William S. Alge, Jr. 
Trustee ~ Jim ‘Spike’ Berry 
Trustee ~ Joe Campoli 
Trustee ~ Bill Goodwin 
Trustee ~ Thomas E. Simmons 
Trustee ~ Bill Ellis
Trustee ~ Dean Paul
Trustee ~ Deb Curlis
Trustee ~ Mike Mauk
Trustee ~ Karen Tressel
Trustee ~ Roger Young
Trustee ~ Matt Jennings
Advisory Board Members 
Archie Griffin, College football's only two-time Heisman Trophy winner 
Floyd Keith, Retired Executive Director, Black Coaches and Administrators 
Ray DeWeese, General Manager - Ohio State, IMG 
Lloyd Carr, Retired Head Football Coach, The University of Michigan 
Larry Kehres, Retired Head Football Coach, and now Athletic Administrator at The University of Mount Union College
Wally Hood, Retired High School and Collegiate Head Football Coach 
Arden “Stretch” Roberson, Retired Head Football Coach, Ohio Northern University 
William T. Sonnett, Grandson of OK Mfg. Co. Founder, William A. Sonnett 
Dick Strahm, Retired Head Football Coach, The University of Findlay 
Jim Tressel, Retired Head Football Coach, The Ohio State University and now President of Youngstown State University
Henry “Hank” Zaborniak, Retired, Assistant Commissioner, OHSAA 
Floyd A. Keith, CEO of PPA Professional Services 
Dean Pees, Defensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
Jerry Snodgrass, Asst. Commissioner, OHSAA


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